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April 11th, 2010 admin 2 comments

inspirational spiritualMy uncle was an MP in the army.   During World War II, he fought in the Pacific at Guadalcanal.  I’ll never forget the inspirational, spiritual story he told me about what happened to him and a buddy of his in the jungle one day.

While out on patrol, one of the unit’s men was hit by a sniper’s bullet.   The other men scattered and took cover, wondering all the while where, in God’s name,  the sniper could be hiding.

Meanwhile my uncle’s wounded buddy lay on the ground, unable to move.  While they waited, this man was bleeding badly and needed medical attention.  As a sergeant, my uncle decided to make a move to get to his side………

Running like a sprinter and a hurdler through the dense jungle, he was able to make it to the wounded man.   He crouched down next to him, intensely aware that the sniper was still out there, and could very well be aiming straight for the both of them.

Just then he heard………..a woman’s voice?!

She called his name.  He immediately turned his head to look in her direction, and just then, a bullet whizzed by his head.  He ducked down again.  There was no one there.  No woman, not even another man.  He didn’t know what to think.  Could this be some kind of metaphysical event?

Feeling a burning pain in his arm, he looked down to see himself bleeding from a bullet wound in his inside forearm.

He waited a few moments and then quickly dragged his buddy through the jungle, back to where the other men were waiting, out of harm’s way.

My uncle said that the woman had a soft voice, even though she’d called his name urgently.  He was always sure that it was The Blessed Mother watching over him.   She saved his life that day, and he saved the life of his buddy.

This inspirational story ended with my uncle receiving a bronze star and a purple heart  for his efforts.

*Latest Update:  My lovable, funny (and in his younger days) temperamental , 91-year-old-uncle, died this morning, April 11, 2010………..As pointed out to me today, by my sister, our members of “the greatest generation”  are leaving us every day……..

I’m sending my prayers to heaven where I truly feel that my uncle has been reunited with my aunt, his mother, and the other members of his family.

We love you, uncle.  We had fun, didn’t we?

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