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If you’re looking for an inspirational short story, here’s one I think you’ll enjoy:

For years, our Karate Club has been teaching the disabled how to move the parts of their bodies that still work…….and the parts of their bodies that don’t work so well.  We’ve been teaching them because they are the most vulnerable, and because, they, more then most people, need to develop their self-confidence and to rediscover, that like anyone else, they are valued and they are worth something, even if their bodies are not “whole”.

So it was, on a sunny day, one July afternoon that my Karate teacher, and many of us, his senior students, held a seminar/training class for stroke survivors.  He divided us into groups and each of us had about five students each to teach the basics to:   the form and mechanics of punching, and how to create the power to deliver any given punch.

In my group, I had several stroke survivors who could stand and walk, but who had problems with paralysis in their arms and hands.  They’d been receiving the usual physical therapy for their problems.

As I worked with them on how to make a correct fist in order to punch, I would tell them what to do, just expect them to do it, and then walk away to work with another person who needed help.  The idea was not to coddle the students, but to provide them with strong motivational examples, combined with physical demonstrations,  and to treat them as mature adults with reason and drive and pride.

I walked up to one senior woman who was standing, like everyone else,  in a horizontal line in front of me.  Pointing to her stroke-affected arm and hand, I told her that she needed to close her fist completely, because you can’t punch someone with an open fist or you’ll injure yourself.  As I started to walk away, she looked at her fist, and said, “I can’t do it!”……..even as she was closing her fist!

I said, “See, look, you’re doing it”, in an encouraging voice.   She was surprised and smiling, not hardly believing what she had just done.  Hiding my own smile, I turned around to work with the next person, while I continued to marvel at the power of BELIEF:  the belief that I’d had that she could just do it, and her acceptance of that challenge……..

This inspirational short story is an example of the following idea:  you can always do more than you think you can, because when you think you can, you really can do more!

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