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encouragement words

August 7th, 2008 admin 30 comments

encouragement words

When times are tough,  for whatever reason, it’s then that you need to focus even more on the good things in your life.  Otherwise, you can sink into a quagmire of negativity.

Here’s how it works.  For every negative thought you catch yourself thinking, you must quickly replace it with a positive one.  Pay attention to your thoughts and words at all times:

“They cut my hours at work……….I’m grateful for my job and a regular paycheck”

“I can’t believe I broke my arm…….Yes, it’s broken, but it will heal.  Meanwhile, I’m grateful that I have two arms.”

“We can’t afford to repair/remodel our house…….But we’re so lucky we have a house to live in”

“I just got a bad grade on my exam………..OK, I can bring up my grade on the next assignment”

“My boyfriend just broke up with me…………Well, deep down I know he’s really not the right one for me, I was just afraid of being alone.”

“I can’t believe how badly she treats me and puts me down.  It’s terrible………..I know now that she’s really not a true friend and there are others who’ll really appreciate me for the good person I am.”

I’ll never be any good at sports, I’m just a failure………….I can do whatever I set my mind to do.  All I need is to practice harder and I’ll be successful.”

When you think and act positively, your mind opens up to all the possibilities of life! The blinders fall off your eyes and then you can see the whole picture.  You’ll naturally attract more good people and good things and opportunities into your life, because now you’ll be able to recognize them when they are near.  Being positive pulls you out of yourself, out of your own self-absorption.  Instead of being stuck in your own “stuff”, instead of focusing inward, now you can look outside yourself and appreciate, and be ready to accept, all the gifts that God is sending your way.

“Let Go And Let God”

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